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GreenSpace with a perfect fit

The ideal solution for your renovation project. Save the hassle! Avoid time consuming & costly adaptator rings and get the downlight that always fits!






Ever got stuck with a hole in a ceiling when replacing downlights? We print a complete and 100% fitting LED downlight, so you don’t need adaptor rings to fit the ceiling anymore. That saves installation time & material cost. It looks great too! Double rings on the ceiling are avoided. Available for cut out sizes from 150-280 mm.

We use waste to build beautiful new lights. It's housing & trim are made with at least 55% recycled or mass-balanced bio-circular material, making it a conscious choice for those that want to contribute to a circular economy. The GreenSpace has a high efficacy up to 136 lum/W.  

GreenSpace can be connected to other systems to create a smart office lighting solution with integrated sensors to avoid a ‘sensor acne’ in your beautifully designed ceilings.

Our perfect fit promise

Hassle no more! Ever got stuck with a hole in a ceiling when replacing downlights? With these 3D printed downlights we guarantee a perfect fit. Check out how perfect fit downlights smoothens your installation projects.

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Key specifications

  • Fits any cut out from 150mm to 280 mm

  • Printed parts with at least 55% recycled or mass

  • balanced bio-circular material

  • Luminous flux 700 - 4000 lm

  • CRI 80 & 90, 3000K & 4000K options

  • Efficacy up to 136 lm/W (depending on lumens, optical accessories and covers for IP54)

  • Office compliance, UGR19 versions available

    DALI or wireless drivers with Interact ready

  • Sensor option with presence detection and day light dimming

  • Emergency lighting ready

  • Cabling options available

  • Lifetime 100,000hrs, L80 @ 25°C Ta

  • From the Turnhout factory in Belgium

  • > ISCC Plus Certified

Schematic light drawing

Operational & certifications

Protection Class

IP20 / IP54 IP 54 for PCO & PCC (IP 20 FOR IA4, IA5 & PCO + ELP3, ELD3, ELW3)
IK02 / IK 06 for PCO & PCC
Electrical Class II

Ambient Range

+10° TO +40° / -15° TO +40° FOR PCO & PCC /
+10° TO +35° FOR 4000 LUMEN VERSIONS



Glow Wire Test



5 Years


100,000hrs, L80 @25°C Ta

Driver variants

Non Dimming DC feature

Dali Interact wired (DIA)

Dali Interact wireless (WIA)

IA4 SNS210 sensor

IA5 SC1500 sensor


Input Voltage


Power factor




Driver Failure Rate

<1% @ 5,000 hrs


DALI dimmable (PSD-E)
Dali Interact wireless (WIA-E)
InterAct with built in sensor EasySense SNS 210 & sensor ready (IA4)
InterAct with built in Multi Sensor Bundle, SC1500 & sensor ready driver (IA5)



LED Module


CRI80+, 3000K, 4000K
CRI90+, 3000K, 4000K

Beam angle





Light Source Type


LED Type

LED board

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