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The 3 sustainable contributions 3D printing delivers you by default



Contribute to a circular economy

We are on target to produce all printed parts with at least 55% recycled or mass-balanced bio-circular plastics.

The 3D technology allows the creation of shapes that are not possible with traditional production. As a result, our products consist of fewer components and are designed for easy disassembly.

Reduce CO2 emissions

We’ve eliminated long supply chains – sourcing parts from suppliers and storing those in a warehouse – in favor of in-house printing.

3D printed parts are light, so they use less fuel in transportation. This results in fewer CO2 emissions.

Also we're carbon neutral and uses 100% renewable electricity in all manufacturing sites.

Eliminate waste

With our shorter supply lines and ultra-short production times, we can make last-minute production decisions. By printing on-demand, we don’t have stock of unsold products.

We also use waste to create new luminaires.
Up to 46% of all ocean plastic consists of fishing nets, but this is excellent basis for printing luminaires.

As part of our 3D printing production process, we recycle in-house, re-using waste such as rejected parts that didn’t pass our quality control.

Facts and figures

  1. Using ISCC Plus (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certified waste streams and residues as raw materials.

  1. Up to -76% carbon emissions for material extraction and manufacturing.

  2. Up to -28% carbon emissions for transport based on LCA comparison of downlights.

  3. "If it hasn’t been produced, it won’t lead to pollution"

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