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"From initial discussion to prototype within three months!"

Interview Rober Delver - Manager Formula at PLUS Retail




We were looking for more atmosphere

Together with my team, I am responsible for translating the proposition of PLUS. To all of our 500 supermarkets in the Netherlands. Lighting is an important aspect of this. We wanted to illuminate our new stores as well as possible. To literally put our different departments and products in the spotlight. With the best possible lighting plan, in balance, that creates an optimal client experience. That’s why we wanted to add something extra. Not only flat spot lights, but also real mood lights.

Discovering the right source

In itself, we had a good proposal from our design agency that suited our new style shop. But the proposed lampshades? They were a pretty tricky thing. Because they were made of concrete. Which made them very heavy and difficult to install. On top of that they had long delivery times and were not really sustainable either. So we started to search again.

That's where Philips MyCreation came in

We’ve a relationship for years. We always build our stores together with them and they came up with the proposal to develop and print our lamps in 3D together! So that we could create the exact right pendant that we wanted for our stores. Which would fit seamlessly into our entire lighting plan.

They helped us with smart suggestions

The whole pendant is made from light, affordable materials that also make installation much easier. Which also saves time and allows us to build our stores much faster. This lighting now has the right shape, size, and atmosphere and also enabled us to recreate the concrete look very well. To us, it is very important that it is a really sustainable product. The whole luminaire is printed from recycled plastics. Which fits very well within the positioning of PLUS.

That is the biggest advantage of 3D printed luminaires

Now everything printed exactly the way we want it. From initial discussion to prototype, it has become a personalized and sustainable product within 3 months. A product that is quick to manufacture, easy to install and is also safe because it is made from light materials.

Yes, we are very happy with our luminaires. They look really good. We just love the shape and finish and we are just very pleased with the whole process how it was made.

We are now going to roll this out in all of our 500 PLUS stores. Step by step each store will get these lamps!

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