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Take the hassle out of your renovation with perfect fit



Make your own perfect fit

A Philips 3D printed luminaire is your answer to a fast and easy renovation. With a 100% guaranteed fit, our 3D printed downlights save you frustration, as well as money, right from the start. We print a complete and 100% fitting LED downlight, so you don’t need adaptor rings to fit the ceiling anymore.

Watch the 6 steps video

6 steps to a quick and easy renovation

With perfect fit you take the hassle out of your renovation projects in only 6 steps!

  • You measure your cut out size

  • You create the downlight with our online configuration tool in as little as 30 seconds

  • You order online by sending your automatically created downlight specification sheet to your supplier or installer

  • We print your downlights

  • We deliver your downlights

  • You install your downlights in just two minutes

Create your own perfect fit

The process is easy:
Use our online tool to configure a custom downlight.

A specification sheet is automatically generated, which you can submit to your wholesaler for ordering. You’ll have a custom lighting solution in 4 weeks.

No more hassle

3D printed luminaires are the way to go, if you want a custom lighting solution that meets your exact specifications. We’ll save you frustration – and money – from the start.

Installation in just two minutes

The simple design and 1-piece construction means that installation is easy.

Avoid amending ceiling holes

Made to order, our luminaires are guaranteed to fit. Simply unpack and fit it seamlessly into the existing cutout.

Integrated trim for a clean look

Sleek design and integrated trim ensure a clean look for every project.

Discover here:

Quick installation with perfect fit downlights

Marcel Hogenes from Technical Agency Hogenes had issues finding a LED downlight with the right size to fit his customers ceiling. He is very happy with perfect fit. Now he can select a LED downlight in the exact size he needs, with the appropriate light output.

Take the hassle out and start with perfect fit

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