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Recycled and bio-circular materials

We produce all printed parts with at least 55% sustainable materials. Our products contain either post-consumer recycled materials, bio-circular or post-industrial recycled materials. We strictly avoid using 100% virgin materials in our printing process.



Post-consumer recycled

Post-consumer recycled¹ (PCR) content is material waste generated after the consumer-use phase of an item’s life cycle that is used to manufacture new products.

We use recycled water jugs for the outer shade of our Spring Oasis collection. And we keep exploring other post-consumer recycled materials to include in our 3D printing processes to turn waste into wonders.


Bio-circular materials are materials from waste and residues of biological origin from agriculture, forestry and related industries, such as tall oil from the wood processing industry & used cooking oil. These materials are thus not made from crude oil but from natural sources.

The entire supply chain from the granulate supplier to our filament and luminaire production is ISCC² Plus certified. With our certification we contribute to environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production and our claims are externally audited and verified.

Post-industrial recycled

Post-industrial recycled¹ (PIR) content is material waste generated during another production process that is later used to manufacture new products.

Our post-industrial recycled material comes from the production of polycarbonate sheets for carports, swimming pools, and illuminated advertising. Their production waste is shredded and reworked into filament that we use to make printed parts.


Our paper packaging uses at least 80% recycled paper and either no print or a single-color print.

Plus, we have eliminated single-use plastics from all our packages with luminaires. No blisters, no plastic dust protection caps for downlights* and no plastic bags.

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    To claim recycled content, manufacturers must disclose the percentage of recycled materials used, according to the printed parts total weight.

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    The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) is a global independent multi-stakeholder initiative and leading applicable certification system supporting sustainable, fully traceable, deforestation-free and climate-friendly supply chains.

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