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"Excellent technical and eco-friendly features for renovation"

Maria Stella Bertino, Centro Commerciale Megalò, Località Santa Filomena, 66100 Chieti Scalo, Italy




Customer challenge

Megalò, the largest shopping center in Abruzzo, Italy, is a destination that seamlessly combines entertainment, style, and convenience across its expansive space of over 110 shops, 14 bars and restaurants in the Gallery, and a multiplex cinema.

Nearly two decades after its establishment in Chieti in 2005, ECE Projektmanagement Italia s.r.l., the management behind Megalò Shopping Centre, known for its commitment to sustainability, is undertaking the transition from fluorescent lamps to more innovative, high-performance, and sustainable LED technologies. This shift, however, poses a challenge as the new lighting fixtures need to integrate seamlessly into the existing housing of the luminaires, showcasing the center's ongoing dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility.

“We have found a valid partner who supported us with its know-how in selecting lighting products

with excellent technical and eco-friendly features for redesigning the lighting in the galleries which welcome our visitors.”


In relation to the interior spaces of the building, the focus of the intervention was on revamping the lighting in Megalò's shopping galleries and the main square, now hosting over 110 shops. The Green Space Perfect Fit 3D downlights, made from more than 65% post-industrial recycled materials¹, emerged as the perfect solution for the Megalò shopping center. Leveraging the remarkable customizability and unique design facilitated by 3D printing technologies, Philips MyCreation tailored the downlights to the exact dimensions (245mm) required to seamlessly integrate into the existing luminaire housings.

By eliminating the need for adapter rings for each downlight, this project significantly reduced the estimated installation time by 50%. The lightweight nature of 3D printing further streamlined the installation process.

As a result of this innovative solution, Megalò achieved a remarkable 70% energy savings, translating to a cost savings of around €90,000 per year and a total energy reduction of 265,055.70 kWh annually. The installation of 1,400 3D printed downlights not only reduced costs and installation time but also showcased a pioneering collaboration between Philips MyCreation and Megalò, championing a new, environmentally conscious approach in the retail landscape.

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List of reference

  • 1

    The printed parts of the luminaire are made from >65% post-industrial recycled materials.

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