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"Everything is modularized and can be disassembled.”

Interview Michael Liu - COO of the Taipei 101 Tower



Taipei 101

We wanted to create a special space in the sky

For our tenants we wanted to create a unique and inspiring space in the sky. Our goal was to go beyond providing a well-designed space set-up, with all the natural lighting. We also wanted to make a meaningful impact by demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and the well-being of our planet.

A space as a circular design concept

For the SkyPark we designed a whole space with circular design concept in mind. We took into account what could be recycled, reused and considered ownership of the materials. We rented furniture and plants. Furthermore we also wanted to integrate sustainable lighting into our plans.

Circular design with Philips MyCreation

We were open-minded to sustainable ideas, that would align to our circular design concept. Philips MyCreation introduced this idea and we said great! Because 3D-printing is something that is going beyond what we have in the market and it fits our sustainable ideas. It’s using recycled material. Everything is modularized and can be disassembled. All the materials can be reused. That is why we chose Philips MyCreation. They provided the circular lighting design that matched our plans.

People are so amazed

As a result of printing on demand you don't waste on production and mass production. We had reduced plentiful on emissions. All this fits perfectly into this concept of circular design. It took us less than a year to develop this whole concept in collaboration with all of our partners. I think it’s pretty quick. Now, when visitors come in, we introduce them to our sustainable lighting and highlight that everything is 3D-printed, disassemblable, and reusable. Can you imagine! People are amazed by this technology and the overall concept.

Looking forward to more collaboration

We have had a longstanding partnership with Philips. Which has included working together on our façade lighting. Our latest project has been a significant milestone. We are now looking to extend this transformation to the entire building. That’s a lot of space! Nevertheless we need innovative lighting solutions. There are new ideas happening every day, so we are looking forward to new solutions and collaborations for unique luminaires.

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